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Pristine Cemetery

If you could describe, in a few words, a cemetery that you would choose, what would you say? Meticulous, pristine, peaceful, dignified and caring are some words which would probably come to mind.

These are the words that many of the families and funeral directors of the surrounding area use to describe the North Lawn Cemetery which is under the care of Canton Cemetery Association in Canton, OH.

We have been told over and over again that North Lawn Cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery in the Stark County area. With its gently rolling hills, clearly defined by the Nimishillen Creek that softly meanders through, well-groomed lawns, tree-lined roads, and a spectacularly restored farmhouse that serves as the service center for all visitors - North Lawn Cemetery helps to provide the true peace of mind and security that families need to feel when making their cemetery arrangements.

The Chapel Mausoleum's stately tower complements the surrounding land and its carillon sings out peaceful melodies of reverence and dignity.

We invite you to visit North Lawn Cemetery to gain an appreciation for the caring staff and our ability to serve your family with integrity and dignity.

Some of the various burial selections we have at North Lawn are:

  • Green Burial
  • Veterans Section
  • Cremation Programs
  • Lawn Crypts
  • Mausoleum Crypts in 2 different structures
  • Traditional Spaces

Our lawn crypt section, Garden of Peace, is an economical package for 1 or 2 people that includes memorialization.

Emerald Meadows is our green burial section and is certified by the Green Burial Council. Burials that occur in this section are not to be embalmed unless it is with ENIGMA and must be in a biodegradable casket (wicker), urn or shroud. Cremations are accepted in this section as well.

This all natural burial has been met with enthusiasm and we welcome the opportunity to share this innovative way for burial. We encourage you to contact us for more information!

Give us a call for more information about North Lawn Cemetery.