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Get Informed

Canton Cemetery Association in Canton, OH, provides information and answers you questions concerning pre-arranging your burial plans.

Why pre-arrange?

  • The ability to grant peace of mind to your loved ones
  • Making your own choices in location, memorial, or disposition
  • The option to make small monthly payments
  • Substantial cost savings over At-Need purchases

When do people pre-arrange?

  • When they are offered the ability to meet with one of our staff and learn their options
  • After the death of a friend or relative. The emotional toll of a loved one's passing can trigger the instinct to pre-plan
  • When they decide it's the right thing to do for their family.

Do I need to come to the cemetery to talk about my arrangements?
No. One of our caring staff members will be happy to schedule an appointment to visit with you in the comfort of your own home.

Can my family schedule a group appointment to receive answers to their questions?
Absolutely. We enjoy meeting with families in a group setting. This allows everyone to make their decisions as a family.

There are a few steps involved in pre-planning your final arrangements:

  • Request a free Emergency Record Guidebook and schedule a private consultation with one of our caring staff members
  • Decide the type of final disposition which suits your needs
    • Family Estate Grave Spaces 
    • Community Mausoleum Entombment 
    • Cremation 
    • Traditional Ground Burial 
    • Niche Inurnment 
    • Lawn Crypt Entombment 
    • Private Family Mausoleum 

Fund your choice, having the flexibility to finance your decision.

Give us a call for more information about making pre-arrangements.